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Born in 1969 in Cologne, Germany , Bianca resides and paints now in Miami Florida. 1990-1993 she studied at the Hozfacschule in Koln Germany. She graduated in 1995 from the International fine art school in Miami Florida. Most of her work is mixed media on canvas or on wood. She works mostly on large scale, Pratorius draws her inspiration from architecture and cityscapes.

Artist Statement
Architects create the features of a city. Much like a face the city is composed of elements that give it character and uniqueness. I create my paintings with the city in mind, but rather than depicting specific objects such as a house, a park or a church I express my architectural intention by borrowing and appropriating sites, places and names to create a composition that alludes to city life environment. Visual impressions made on me by my daily life environment become memories: after-images that resonate in my mind until they are finally expressed onto canvas.

One could say I plagiarize the images of my surroundings. Inters tingly enough the original source of the word plagiarism is the greek word plagios which could loosely be translated as oblique. Indeed I never use literal images, but I take them out their proposed context, decompose and reintroduce them in order to distort their original functionality. This process of decomposition is crucial to my work and it represents one of a city’s foremost characteristics which is activity. After all a city is never static or complete. Expressing the partial and fragmented reality of a city is most important to me and much like an architect designing the face of a city by combining different elements I play with visual citations on my canvases and give them an oblique meaning through the process of artistic creation.

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